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Procurement activity

  • Open

    Published 9 days ago

    Spendell's House Refurbishment

    price-tag-icon600,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 02/09/2022

    Refurbishment of Spendells House, Walton - a two-storey building formally in use as a sheltered housing scheme to allow for a change of use to temporary accommodation for homeless households. The project to is to include a full services upgrade, over roof...

  • Open

    Published 9 days ago

    E-Learning Platform - Tendring District Council

    price-tag-icon60,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 09/09/2022

    Tendring District Council (TDC) is looking for a new E-Learning and learning management system (LMS) provider which is able to offer a high return on investment. The system should offer the essentials of managing Learning and Development within the workf...

  • Awarded

    Published 5 years ago

    Treasury Advisory Services

    price-tag-icon32,500 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 31/08/2022

    Treasury Advisory Services

  • Awarded

    Published 3 years ago

    Abandoned Vehicle Contract

    price-tag-icon13,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 24/03/2023

    Contract for the collection, de-pollution and disposal of unwanted vehicles and the investigation, collection, removal , de-pollution and disposal of abandoned vehicles in accordance with the provision of the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 and the End...

  • Awarded

    Published 4 years ago

    Contract Hire with Maintenance of 7 Vehicles

    price-tag-icon22,838 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 30/06/2023

    Tendring District Council - Contract Hire of 7 Vehicles using ESPO Framework Agreement 218/issue 1 - lot 1 sub lot 1.

  • Awarded

    Published 4 years ago

    CCTV Equipment Maintenance

    price-tag-icon110,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 02/09/2023

    Invitation to Tender - CCTV Equipment Maintenance Ref D000040.

  • Awarded

    Published 4 years ago

    Textile Banks 2017

    price-tag-icon106,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 31/01/2024

    Tendring District Council is the waste collection authority for the area for which it is the District Council. As part of the Council's Waste and Recycling Policy there are currently approximately 30 bring sites across the district which contain texti...

  • Awarded

    Published 7 months ago

    VEAT notice intention to award a Public Services Contract for the urgent Replacement and ongoing Maintenance of Cremators at Weeley Crematorium, Essex

    price-tag-icon1,539,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 30/09/2032

    The decommissioning, modification, dismantling, removal and disposal of the two existing cremators and associated redundant plant and equipment. The purchase and installation of two Cremators , and a for 10 year contract for the maintenance, servicing, i...

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Supplier nameSME?Number of awardsView awards
Not AwardedNo11View awards
Protector InsuranceNo4View awards
P Tuckwell LimitedYes4View awards
Gipping Construction LtdNo3View awards
Kirkman and JourdainYes2View awards

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