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Q3 Product update 🚀

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 at Stotles

Discover, build and track pub-sec relationships

It’s been all systems go at Stotles HQ recently. We shipped some major product updates and new releases in Q3, all with the intention of making it easier for our users to sell to the public sector.

This blog post highlights some of our favourite new features that we think will have the most impact on private sector suppliers working with the government.

1) Deeply understand your key accounts with “Saved Buyers”

We’ve introduced a new "Saved Buyers" view so you can easily track and prioritise your key accounts. Think of this new feature as a list of your most important buyers with a summary of key data-points in one place.

Instantly understand which of your key accounts have relevant upcoming expiries, competitor and partner relationships, and more.

This feature aims to cut out any white noise and create a hyper-relevant, buyer-focused experience for Account Executives and BDRs.

2) Deep-dive into your network with Partner & Competitor profiles

We’ve added two new pages to the app; ‘My Partner and ‘My Competitor’ pages.

These pages will show the relationships your partners and competitors have with different buyers, suppliers and expiring contracts in one view.

Use this intelligence to:

  • Quickly identify your competitors’ upcoming contract expiries & relationships
  • Map your partners relationships to key buyers

3) Search through strategic documents for deeper buyer insights

Away from relationship building, you can now instantly search through strategy documents, delivery plans, and budgets with your keywords highlighted for free. Users can now identify long term plans for their key accounts without spending hours finding and reading source documents.

All in all...

It was a busy quarter, with plenty more product development on the horizon before the end of the year. Internally, the team is growing as we continue to strive to innovate for suppliers working with the public sector. We're excited for you to explore these new features. To get started, sign up for free or chat with our team.