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"Our goal was simple. Win more contracts with the public sector. And we've done that with Stotles."

Tim Hanson
Account Manager


WorkL for Business are market-leading employee experience specialists. The team helps organisations measure, track and improve employee experience with surveys and predictive data analytics delivered through an intuitive platform using ‘Instant Action Software’™. After winning their first contract with the government in 2019, WorkL were keen to increase their public sector presence and deliver lasting change. They knew they could offer their organisation and employee insights, performance management and career development solutions across the public sector. For more information, visit their website here.

The Challenge

At the time, WorkL found tenders through subscriptions to many different tender portals. Each of these portals had their own notification system, meaning keeping on top of relevant opportunities was inefficient. Operating in a niche market, WorkL needed a way to easily identify, qualify and organise tender opportunities as soon as they hit the market.

With ambitions to grow their public sector sales, WorkL also needed to forecast the total market opportunity to identify exactly where to invest their efforts. However, with procurement activity siloed across many different government portals, there was no way for WorkL to accurately forecast how much revenue they could win in the public sector market.


WorkL came to Stotles to power their public sector sales and “find all the relevant contracts in our space”. Getting started by implementing our all-in-one tender tracker tool, Account Manager Tim Hanson, was able to cut out the noise & put WorkL’s tender tracking on auto-pilot. 

“We were signed up to many portals and Stotles makes our lives so much easier”, Tim Hanson | WorkL

Stotles sends users daily notifications of relevant tenders, highlighted with key signals relevant to chosen industry keywords, competitors and partners. Since signing up, the WorkL team has gained “a huge amount of our time back”, sparing Tim from “wading through loads of emails to identify sales opportunities'”. 

Our contract award data has made qualifying opportunities an easier task for the team as identifying competitors involved is simple. Operating in a concentrated niche with few public sector opportunities, these improved competitive insights are vital for WorkL’s unique selling point.  

By leveraging buyer intelligence and contract award data, WorkL are able to understand the total public sector market opportunity and are better placed to plan for the future. When Tim needed a report to take to shareholders on a two year trend in their industry, it took our customer success team half a day to provide a briefing on all upcoming opportunities in the next two years to help their forecast review.

The Results

Prior to partnering with Stotles, WorkL hadn’t won a cold tender opportunity with the public sector. Thanks in part to improved tender tracking, pipeline organisation and market intelligence, they now work with education, healthcare and blue light authorities to help these bodies  track and improve their employee experience.

“Our goal was simple. Win more contracts with the public sector. And we’ve done that with Stotles.” Tim Hanson | WorkL

Thanks to increased market intelligence, WorkL can now create data-backed forecasting for their public sector sales. With the security of understanding their potential revenue growth, this has unlocked the team’s ability to invest in growing their sales team. Before Stotles, understanding the market opportunity “would’ve been really difficult to do, if not impossible”.

So what’s next for WorkL? With more public sector success on the horizon, WorkL will continue to help government organisations drive lasting change internally, helping employees be the best they can be from day one.