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When I first heard of Stotles I went ‘is this Nirvana? Is this what I’ve been looking for?

Philip Hayden
Commercial Manager at Stratia Cyber

Stratia Cyber has been supporting UK economic growth since 2011, providing cyber security services to help reduce risk and minimise potential loss as a result of cyber security incidents to a diverse range of clients including the UK Government. Accredited under the National CyberSecurity Centre (NCSC) Certified Cyber Security Scheme, you can find out more information about their services on their website.

The Challenge

For Commercial Manager Philip Hayden, “public sector procurement was a nightmare” before finding Stotles. Joining the company in 2019, it took Philip several months to understand the various portals and methods the government uses to advertise their tenders. He did not have the time in his day to manually find relevant tenders through Contracts Finder. With more time spent navigating portal logins than identifying opportunities,Philip’s team struggled to focus on the right bids.

I thought there has to be a better way than this, because when you sink time into managing a load of bids, you better know whether the bid is going to land.

When they did identify relevant tenders, Stratia Cyber didn’t have the tools to do sufficient due diligence on the opportunity.Specifically, without contract award data, Philip’s team lacked visibility on competitor activity and risked pursuing bids with buyers who already had strong relationships with other suppliers. Philip’s team needed a way to identify competitors before entering the tender process, so they could sharpen their USP for each bid.

The Solution

Stotles monitors dozens of fragmented tender portals, taking millions of UK&I public sector data points and centralising them into a personalised feed of hyper relevant tenders and early signals. Partnering with Stotles changed Philip’s workflow overnight. Previously lacking the time to manually identify opportunities through Contracts Finder, Stotles became one of the standard windows on Philip’s laptop. Now, Philip opens Stotles every morning to qualify new opportunities which have appeared in his feed overnight.

When I first heard of Stotles I went ‘is this Nirvana? Is this what I’ve been looking for?

As a Stotles Growth user, Stratia Cyber’s competitors are included in their signal settings. This means that contracts in Philip’s feed are automatically highlighted with competitor involvement, allowing him to easily qualify new opportunities. After deciding whether to pursue the opportunity based on competitor involvement, Philip will examine the buyer’s procurement history to understand if there is a seasonal variance in their activity. Thanks to information on when buyers release their RFP’s, Philip is able to better plan qualified opportunities in his long-term pipeline.

The results

Since partnering with Stotles, Stratia Cyber has been able to easily identify opportunities in the public sector that are relevant to their size of business and public sector strategy. With relevant opportunities automatically pulled into Philip’s feed and competitor intelligence visible, the team can be more selective about the opportunities they pursue, targeting the right departments with the right solutions.

So what’s next for Stratia Cyber? With increased market intelligence, they will continue to expand their public sector footprint to ensure the UK's public sector bodies are resilient and protected against cyber risk.