Our Products and Services.

We’re not only a product that centralises millions of UK, IRE & EU government datapoints into one platform tailored to you, but we offer services that help you leverage these insights so you can focus on what matters - winning more public sector work.

Our Product Features

What can you do in 5 minutes with our product that would take you 30 mins elsewhere?

We know public sector selling is complex. That’s why we’ve built our product around your workflow, to make the mess of public sector selling a problem of the past.

Explore our key features including seamless integrations, buyer insights, decision-maker contact details, spend data and competitor & partner mapping and more below.

Personalised tenders & buyer intent
Curated strategy documents
Key buyer accounts
Decision maker contacts
Partner & competitor mapping
Spend Data
Stotles Free

Create a feed of hyper-relevant tenders & early signals

Monitor new opportunities by tracking relevant keywords, buyers, partners & competitor movement in your feed.

Never miss a beat with daily notifications of new activity direct to your email, Slack or MS Teams.

Stotles Free

Gain deeper context with buyer documents

Access thousands of buyer documents, including budgets, meeting minutes, delivery plans, strategy documents, and more.

Quickly identify where your signals are mentioned across these documents to see where you could fit into their plans & priorities.

Integrate with existing tools to streamline sales processes

Keep your team aligned in-app by qualifying notices, assigning opportunities and collaborating together in comment sections.

Seamlessly integrate with your sales tools including HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack and MS Teams.

Deeply understand government procurement activity

Use historical procurement data, partner and competitor relationships, and decision-maker contact info to fully understand buyers.

Easily monitor relevant movement with chosen buyer organisations in the ‘Key Accounts’ page.

Create meaningful relationships with decision makers

Go beyond procurement contacts and reach out to decision-makers directly.

Request persona briefings to understand what decision-makers have been doing and what they care about.

Map relationships with partners, competitors and prospects

View profiles of your partners and competitors and create views to identify contracts they’ve won and upcoming opportunities you can infiltrate.

Qualify buyers to approach based on existing partner and competitor relations.

Unlock data on historical spend with suppliers

See how much money a buyer has spent with different suppliers over the years and understand the general market sentiment towards purchasing your services.

We're more aware of everything that's going on in the market and can use the information to make sure we engage the right people

Olly Phillips
Director of Sales, Freshworks
Our Services

What additional
services do we offer?

When you sign up to our Expert Plan, you unlock access to more than our product. Our team of in-house analysts work with you to research, gather and analyse relevant insights to equip you with tangible tools that close more deals.

Custom configuration

We can configure your account with ongoing feed iterations to ensure your feed remains up to date with the changing market.

Live support

We’re here to help. Our team is online from 9am-6pm BST Mon-Fri to support you with any queries.

Custom Briefings

We create a range of custom briefings designed to help you get closer to your customers and close more deals. Explore reports on offer below.

Custom briefings, tailored to you

Our Expert Plan includes a suite of custom briefings designed to help commercial teams save hundreds of hours researching and spend more time closing deals. These briefings include:

Account Briefing

A deep-dive on buyer organisations highlighting upcoming opportunities and key supplier relationships.

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Persona Briefing

Learn everything you need to know about a particular decision maker within your key account(s).

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Competitor Briefing

Gain insights into competitor movement, key buyer relationships and upcoming contract renewals.

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Partner Briefing

Analyse a partner organisation/s to identify potential opportunities they’re working on.

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Opportunity Briefing

Access key datapoints on opportunities you’re interested in and qualify their importance.

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Management Briefing

Get an overview of relevant market opportunities and understand the best path to involvement.

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Weekly Prospecting Briefing

Receive weekly summaries of relevant events like new contracts or competitor and partner activity.

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Competitor Landscape Analysis

Identify competitor impact across buyers to qualify organisations worth reaching out to.

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Learn more about our data

Stotles combines Europe’s most robust pub-sec data at your fingertips. Naturally, you may have questions on where this data comes from, so here are answers to some FAQs.

Where do you capture your data from?

We capture data from a multitude of sources to centralise government procurement data into one source-of-truth platform for our users. Sources we pull data from include:

Major Procurement Data Sources

• Contracts Finder

• Digital Marketplace


• eTenders

• eTenders NI

• Sell2Wales

• Public Contracts Scotland

• Find a Tender

Other Procurement Data Sources

• Bodies governed by public law (e.g. Bank of England, Met Office)

• Regional / local authority (e.g. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council)

• Utilities & other public sector entities (e.g. Transport for London)

Other Data Sources

Beyond procurement data, we ingest a number of other data types to provide the most complete view of the public sector. These include:

• News aggregated from thousands of publications

• Contact data (both procurement contacts and key personnel in other functions)

• Deeper buyer & supplier data

Is Stotles GDPR compliant?

Yes. Stotles is committed to maintaining a high standard of data protection to ensure that we will always be your trusted public sector partner.

We've undergone an extensive review performed by an external legal council to ensure compliance.

You can read more about our GDPR policy , Privacy policy and Cookie policy

Where do you get contact decision maker data from?

Our app has contact information on individuals within pub-sec organisations (sometimes referred to as "post holders"). This contact data is collected and used in compliance with GDPR, PECR, and relevant data protection regulations. We have two categories of contacts within the Stotles app. These include:

1. Contacts exportable from the Stotles app:

• These contacts are collected directly from the procurement documents that are publicly published by the public sector buyers.

2. Decision maker contacts:

• These contacts make up one of the data-types included in Stotles Growth.

• We work with a third party data partner for these contacts (they source the data from (a) public sources similar to us, and (b) from organisations or contacts directly providing their information).

• With our data partner, we take careful measures to ensure that all of these contacts are collected and processed in a GDPR compliant fashion. If you have any further questions, please reach out to team@stotles.com and we would be happy to share more details.

Where do you get spend data from?

We collect spend data directly from buyers’ publications and combine them to uncover insights, trends and connections in-app.