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Procurement activity

  • Awarded

    Published 2 years ago

    UKGI Bloomberg Terminal renewal

    price-tag-icon36,848 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 13/10/2022

    Auto renewal for subscription.

  • Awarded

    Published 5 months ago

    Subscription Services: Factiva

    price-tag-icon30,240 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 15/11/2022

    Contract Award Notice: Subscription Services - Factiva

  • Awarded

    Published 11 months ago

    Provision of Credit Benchmark Data to UKGI

    price-tag-icon25,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 15/11/2022

    Contract Award Notice - Provision of Credit Benchmark Data to UKGI

  • Awarded

    Published 10 months ago

    Subscription Services: Mergermarket and Debtwire

    price-tag-icon43,127 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 16/11/2022

    Contract Award Notice: Mergermarket and Debtwire Subscription

  • Awarded

    Published a year ago

    Provision of a Board Intelligence Digital Platform

    price-tag-icon144,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 14/03/2023

    The Authority is seeking a supplier for the provision of a digital platform for the UKGI Board and Senior management to access confidential documents.

  • Awarded

    Published a year ago

    Provision of a digital resourcing tool

    price-tag-icon40,440 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 25/03/2023

    UKGI require a Resource Planning tool to streamline and professionalise it's resourcing and project management. This planning tool shall minimise inefficiencies and enable the management of demand and and forecasting. The tool will be designed to interact...

  • Awarded

    Published a year ago

    Subscription Services: S&P Capital IQ and Aftermarket Research

    price-tag-icon116,215 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 31/03/2023

    Award notice for S&P Capital IQ and Aftermarket Research subscription.

  • Awarded

    Published a year ago

    Provision of UKGI People Surveys and Skills Surveys

    price-tag-icon44,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 18/04/2023

    1.1 UK Government Investments (UKGI) has a requirement to contract with a provider for the provision of services to undertake two surveys annually a people survey to measure staff engagement in September and an annual skills survey to measure the level o...

  • Awarded

    Published a year ago

    Public Relations Services for UKGI

    price-tag-icon189,300 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 30/04/2023

    The opportunity has now been awarded and is published for Transparency purposes only. UK Government Investments has a requirement for Public Relations services. The Requirement is for an agency to provide a Media relations function....

  • Awarded

    Published a month ago

    Subscription to Financial Times

    price-tag-icon37,259 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 22/09/2023

    Contract Award Notice: Organisational Subscription to Financial Times.

  • Awarded

    Published 15 days ago

    Subscription to Factiva

    price-tag-icon23,832 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 14/11/2023

    Contract award notice: Subscription to Factiva.

  • Awarded

    Published a month ago

    Subscription to Mergermarket & Debtwire

    price-tag-icon44,808.95 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 16/11/2023

    Contract Award Notice: Subscription to Mergermarket & Debtwire.

  • Awarded

    Published a year ago

    Legal Services

    price-tag-icon1,550,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 27/12/2023

    To provide legal advice and representation to UKGI in relation to the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry.

  • Awarded

    Published 8 months ago

    UKGI Training Management System

    price-tag-icon16,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 28/01/2024

    Contract Award Notice: UKGI Training Management System

  • Awarded

    Published 7 months ago

    Provision of LinkedIn Recruiter Licence

    price-tag-icon28,500 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 24/02/2024

    Contract Award Notice: Provision of LinkedIn Recruiter Subscription

  • Awarded

    Published 8 months ago

    HR Feedback Tool

    price-tag-icon29,500 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 08/02/2026

    Contract Award Notice: UKGI HR Feedback Tool

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Supplier nameSME?Number of awardsView awards
The Financial TimesUnknown3View awards
MergermarketNo3View awards
Factiva LimitedNo2View awards
Digital Interactive LtdYes2View awards

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