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Cyber security tenders & contracts

  • Open

    Published 7 months ago

    Business Support Consultancy Panel

    price-tag-icon165,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 31/03/2025

    The proposed programme of support (1:1 and 1:many) funded via the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, will continue to build on the work of 3 successful BEIS funded 121 programmes and past ‘Growth Hub Guru’ wor...

  • Open

    Published 15 days ago

    Retained Incident Response Service

    time-iconClose date: 05/01/2024

    The Retained Incident Response Service is a contract designed to provide additional support and capacity into the Government in the event of a targeted cyberattack. The successful provider will arrange the services necessary to react to any cyber security...

  • Open

    Published 9 months ago

    Saltire Upgrade 2023

    time-iconClose date: 31/03/2027

    The Scottish Government has awarded a contract for a suitably qualified and experienced Service Provider to undertake the support, maintenance and further development of the Purchaser’s intranet (Saltire). Lot 1: The Scottish Government has awarded a con...

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  • Open

    Published 7 days ago

    Fleet Helicopter Support Unit (FHSU)

    price-tag-icon60,000,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 12/01/2024

    Background: The Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Multi Helicopter Platforms (MHP) Project Delivery Team has a requirement for a contracted crewed capability that can provide a medium-lift Support Helicopter (SH) capability to meet Fleet Operational St...

  • Open

    Published 2 days ago

    Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) managed Services ( Cyber Security Services)

    price-tag-icon200,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 12/01/2024

    Mid Ulster District Council seeks Tenders for the provision of security services. We aim to establish robust monitoring, incident response, and threat detection capabilities. The chosen provider will aid in safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring regulatory...

  • Open

    Published 2 years ago


    price-tag-icon100,000,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 15/11/2024

    Automation services including the design, build, and running of automation software, maintenance and support, consulting, and provision of software licences. Additional information: Please note the Closing Date, Contract Start Date and Contract End Da...

  • Open

    Published 28 days ago

    Automation Marketplace DPS

    price-tag-icon100,000,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 15/11/2024

    Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has set up a dynamic purchasing system for the supply of automation applications and services. CCS is inviting bidders to request to participate in the automation marketplace DPS. This DPS will provide central government a...

  • Open

    Published 12 months ago

    Cyber Security Services 3

    price-tag-icon255,000,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 11/02/2025

    Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has set up a dynamic purchasing system for a period of 60 months and has invited bidders to request to participate for the Cyber Security Services 3 DPS. This DPS provides central government departments and the wider public ...

  • Open

    Published 19 days ago

    Security Operations Centre (SOC)

    price-tag-icon900,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 18/12/2023

    The Financial Ombudsman Service intends to place a contract for the provision of a managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) service to provide the following: 1. Provision of a modern and fit-for-purpose SOC capability operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a w...

  • Open

    Published 9 months ago

    Digital Technology and Cyber Services Dynamic Purchasing System

    time-iconClose date: 31/03/2027

    The Scottish Government is establishing a collaborative Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Digital Technology and Cyber Services. A key objective of this DPS is to offer a straightforward, flexible route to market for all Scottish public sector organisat...

  • Open

    Published 22 days ago

    Framework Agreement for Business Support Consultancy Services

    price-tag-icon400,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 14/12/2023

    North Ayrshire Council (NAC) is seeking to implement a framework agreement for the provision of Business Support Consultancy Services as detailed in this Invitation to Tender. The Council currently has a contract in place for this requirement, which is du...

  • Open

    Published 11 months ago


    price-tag-icon2,000,000 GBPtime-iconClose date: 31/12/2024

    Power to Change is looking to build a trusted pool of suitably qualified and experienced providers for the provision of capability strengthening support to community businesses in England through to 2025. An Open Framework has been set up to be used for t...