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Create more winning bids in a fraction of the time.

Gain back time for uniquely human work. Our models ingest millions of public sector data points - from contracting data to meeting minutes - that qualify opportunities and auto-enrich your bid content.

Thousands of suppliers already use Stotles to engage buyers early. What are they asking for next? Bidding.

Stotles Tender & RPF Pipeline
TENDERS & RFP pipeline

You already trust Stotles with your personalised, automated pipeline.

Stotles is your single source of truth for public sector business growth. Streamline & scale your opportunity discovery with live, personalised views of the market and direct integrations to Microsoft Teams, Slack, or your CRM.


Disqualify bad opportunities without sifting 100s of documents.

Stop trawling tender documents for disqualifiers. StotlesAI automatically flags risky requirements, providing qualification recommendations to accelerate your bid / no bid decisions and give confidence in saying “no” faster.

Stotles Bid No Bid Decisions
Bid Project Management
BID PROJECT management

Organise bid projects in one platform, without spreadsheet trackers

Say “goodbye” to spreadsheet trackers & “hello” to live collaboration. StotlesAI extracts bid response sections & suggests workplans, unlocking better collaboration across all of your teams - from finance & legal to sales & delivery.


Write first-draft bid content in seconds, tailored to your customer.

Fuelled by Stotles data, web resources and your bid library, StotlesAI accelerates first-draft proposal content in seconds. Multiply and focus your human time where it really counts, so you can submit 10x more winning bids in 1⁄10 the time

Bid Writing

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