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The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts.

Aristotle, Legendary smart-guy

Why Stotles?

Governments are becoming more transparent. That’s great! But just because they’re making their information available, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re making it accessible. This clutter and confusion has made “working with government sucks” an unfortunate truism. It scares off great suppliers, and diminishes the value our taxes provide.

We’re not cool with this. So we’re taking a play out of Aristotle’s book – bringing together messy government data (the “parts”) and building a knowledge-base (the “whole”) to create a level playing field in the public sector.

Why Us?

We’ve tripped over boxes of procurement files, lost bids to phantom incumbents, and scoured the masses of messy data. We’ve felt the pain of public procurement and think it’s time to stop the madness.

Our mission is to be the place where public sector information flows with purpose and ease. We want those who can provide the best services to win, not those who simply know the process best.

Our purpose is to unlock
the potential of business and government working better, together

The Team

Piotr Cwieczkowski
Technical Lead
Joe Johansen
Software Engineer
Taj Kamranpour
Co-founder, COO
Carsten Schaltz
Co-founder, CPO
John Witt
Co-founder, CEO

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