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Single Party Framework Agreement for Waste Enforcement Services



Dublin City Council seeks to establish a single party framework agreement for the provision of a waste enforcement service for an initial period of 4 years, from the date of commencement, and the contract may be extended for a further period of not more than 24 months, subject to the annual, periodic and other reviews, at the sole discretion of the Council. While it is envisaged that the contract will be for a 6 year period, the award of and duration of the contract is strictly subject to the provision of a sufficient annual grant from the Department of Environment Climate and Comunications (DECC). The contract will be reviewed on an annual basis and the continuance of the contract for each subsequent year is subject to the provision of a sufficient annual grant and the Council’s continued obligation and requirement to provide a waste enforcement service under the current national structures. The full time numbers employed may be decreased or increased up to the maximum numbers specified in the tender throughout the tender period.covering each of the following: (i) Regional Waste Enforcement and Regulations Service for the Contracting Authority and Fingal County Council (ii) National Waste Enforcement and Compliance Service for the National Trans-frontier Shipment Office (iii) Regional Waste Planning Service for the Contracting Authority as the Lead Authority for the Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Planning Office


Publish date

5 months ago

Close date

3 months ago

Buyer information

Dublin City Council

Padraic Lalor

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