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Construction of Largs Seawall



3,769,060 GBP


North Ayrshire Council requires the construction of a new replacement concrete seawall, directly in front of and encapsulating the existing seawall. The new seawall will be the same height as the existing structure and will be similar in shape and profile. The existing seawall protects the coastline from wave action and coastal erosion. It also retains Largs promenade and protects the shore side buildings and infrastructure. The new seawall runs along the northern seaward section of Largs Bay, for approximately 300 metres between Aubery Crescent and the existing RNLI slipway. This new seawall should be aesthetically appealing but still ‘fit for purpose’ and fit within the recommendations of the Ayrshire Shoreline Management Plan (ASMP). The ASMP promotes a policy of ‘holding-the-line’ within and around Largs to protect properties and roads from coastal flooding and erosion by extending and improving existing defences. The improvements will also involve resurfacing part of the promenade and replacing the steps to the beach, to increase accessibility and enhance the overall amenity value of the area.


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a year ago

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a year ago

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North Ayrshire Council


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