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Public sector tenders & contracts

  • Awarded

    Published a year ago

    Request for Quotation for the Provision of Intense Resettlement Support for refugee families who have arrived via the United Kingdom Resettlement Scheme (UKRS), Afghan Resettlement Assistance Policy (ARAP) and the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ACRS)

    price-tag-icon183,080 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 05/06/2023

    The United Kingdom Resettlement Scheme (UKRS) is grant funded by the Home Office to resettle displaced refugee families from within the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. The UKRS replaces the successful Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme ...

  • Awarded

    Published 12 months ago

    Homes England - Multidisciplinary - Outline Planning Application - Carr Lodge Phase 3, Doncaster

    price-tag-icon383,729.25 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 09/06/2023

    Preparation, submission and management of the outline planning application - including technical pack - to secure planning and delivery certainty of a mixed-use development at Carr Lodge Phase 3, Doncaster.\r \r

  • Awarded

    Published a month ago

    Research on potential clean technology applications for innovation pull financing

    price-tag-icon69,033 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 09/06/2023

    There is an urgent need to accelerate clean energy technology demonstration, uptake, and commercialisation globally. To realise global net zero by 2050, almost half the emissions reductions will need to come from technologies that are not yet commercial (...

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  • Awarded

    Published 11 months ago

    Receiver of Wreck Legal Fees

    price-tag-icon20,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 12/06/2023

    To pay an invoice from Government Legal Department for Receiver of Wreck legal fees, with future work continuing, which may result in court cases.

  • Awarded

    Published 2 years ago

    203_21 Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Products and Services

    price-tag-icon120,000,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 13/06/2023

    This framework agreement will include a direct call off catalogue and a list of pre-approved specialist providers of technology enabled care services, including telecare and telehealth services and equipment, monitoring, response services, lifestyle monit...

  • Awarded

    Published 2 years ago

    Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5

    price-tag-icon2,000,000,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 14/06/2023

    Crown Commercial Service as the contracting authority has put in place a pan government collaborative framework agreement for use by UK public sector bodies identified at VI.3) (and any future successors to these organisations). These bodies have a need f...

  • Awarded

    Published 5 months ago

    Support and Maintenance for Boldon James

    price-tag-icon81,903 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 15/06/2023

    Support and Maintenance for Boldon James. The software is required to ensure the authority follows Government Security Classifications policy.

  • Awarded

    Published 8 months ago

    QU804 - Community Leadership Training - AWARD

    price-tag-icon74,025 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 16/06/2023

    The Council requires a supplier for the provision of community leadership training. It is proposed that training should cascade key public health information out to the community on the learning of key skills. Providers will be required to provide courses...

  • Awarded

    Published 5 months ago

    Preston Coloured Desk Tops

    price-tag-icon18,485 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 16/06/2023

    HMRC produced an Inclusive Design Guide (IDG) in 2019. Since its development, and from lessons learned, it has been established that having a mix of muted coloured desk top options provides a much better working environment for colleagues - particularly...

  • Awarded

    Published 6 months ago

    PAI External Research Contracts

    price-tag-icon150,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 16/06/2023

    There is a urgent business need to commission (i) due to the Talent Aquistion team needing insight on labour market trends in the areas of East Kilbride and Portsmouth, home to many of our CSG colleagues. One of Jim Harra's key priorties are to lowering C...

  • Awarded

    Published a year ago

    Homes England -Multidisciplinary -Prepare and Secure Outline Planning Permission-Cardington-Bedford

    price-tag-icon450,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 19/06/2023

    This tender covers the appointment of a multidisciplinary company to provide planning, technical and development services for demolition and an outline planning application for residential development at the former DVSA Training Academy Site. https://...

  • Awarded

    Published 2 years ago

    Places for People - Apprenticeships Preferred Supplier List - May 2021

    price-tag-icon14,000 GBPtime-iconExpiry date: 19/06/2023

    Through this DPS 2nd Stage Invitation to Tender Places for People is sought to establishing a new, agreement to facilitate the appointment of Apprenticeship and training providers to recruit and train apprentices for its own businesses using the available...