Public sector selling is complex. Stotles makes it simple.

Thousands of relevant opportunities, seamless integrations, buyer deep-dives & decision-maker contact details, all in one place.

Create your personalised feed of hyper-relevant tenders and early signals

Cut out the noise & only see relevant keywords, buyers, partners & competitors.

Qualify fast with intelligent keyword highlights and quick previews.

Organise teams across territories and accounts with different saved views.

Never miss an opportunity with hourly updates.

Combine integrations and workflow tools to streamline your sales process

Seamlessly integrate with existing tools including MS Teams, Slack and more.

Organise your opportunities with bookmarks and saved views.

Stay proactive using custom notifications and team reminders.

Collaborate with tagging and sharing.

Use data-driven buyer profiles to create informed account plans

Qualify prospects and partners based on key insights and buying patterns.

Unlock competitor connections for a more informed outreach approach.

Understand your buyers long-term needs by diving deeper into data like budgets and delivery plans.

Create meaningful relationships with decision maker contact information

Go beyond procurement contacts and speak with key decision makers directly.

Create targeted marketing campaigns with the most up-to-date buyer activity information.

Unlock public sector selling like never before.