Why we're here

Plain and simple: to unlock the potential of businesses and governments working better, together.

We’re convinced that knowledge is power, but access to information is inequitable. To rebalance the 80% of EU public sector spending that goes to the usual suspects, we’re bringing together fragmented government data and making it more accessible.

We’re called stotles for a reason. The legendary smart-guy - Aristotle - said it best: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” So, we’re bringing together the data (the “parts”) and building a base of knowledge (the “whole”) to unlock the potential of business and government working better, together

Who we are

stotles is backed by a team committed to fighting for the underdogs Our squad is powered by movers without egos, and shakers without fear

Our Leadership Team spent time as consultants, analysts, and accountants with a front-row seat to the government procurement gauntlet They joined forces as MBA’s at London Business School, bonding over a problem labeled by many as "boring" Turns out, this “boring” problem holds mammoth economic and social implications for people and businesses alike It’s a world which exists by necessity, but a world ripe for improvement

Leadership Team

Carsten Schaltz

Co-founder & CPO

John Witt

Co-founder & CEO

Taj Kamranpour

Co-founder & COO

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